Airshot tubeless tyre inflator review

Pain-free tubeless fitting

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Airshot tubeless tyre inflator

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The price may seem steep but this is a must-have portable inflator for tubeless tyre tinkerers
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Airshot’s deceptively simple can charger finally takes easy tubeless tyre fitting out of the garage and up to the trailhead/race paddock.


The problem with tubeless tyres has always been getting enough air into them fast enough to seal the bead on to the rim without an air compressor or a frenzied – and often futile – track pump session. There are various homebrew inflator solutions involving cola bottles and butchered pumps, and Bontrager’s Flash Charger has moved the game on by leaps and bounds, but Airshot’s South Wales based designers have really done the job properly.

All you do is screw the metal hose chuck on to your valve (this is more secure than a push-fit head), inflate the blue tank to 130psi with a track pump, turn the dump valve and – woomf! – you get instant inflation on every reliable tubeless/tubeless ready setup we’ve tried.

The price might seem high for a tin tank and a pump hose but Airshot has sweated the details to make it as fool and leak proof as possible. There’s even a valve core adaptor in case yours is too full of old sealant to get enough air through fast enough. It’s totally reusable too, and as long as you’ve got a pump to fill it in the first place, you can use it just about anywhere.


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Product Specifications


Name Tubeless tyre inflator (15)
Brand Airshot

Description Instant inflation