2018 Masi CXRC Force 1 review

Masi added versatility with fender mounts and went full flash with its fancy paint scheme

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
USD $3,639.00
The Masi CXCR Is tops in the aesthetics and stiffness departments, and includes fender mounts and massive tire clearance for added versatility

Our review

Best suited for smooth race courses, but makes an awesome one-bike solution for ’cross and commuting
Buy if, You’re looking for a do-it-all kind of bike for everything from ‘cross racing to commuting and gotta have that stiffness
Pros: Awesome aesthetics, fender compatibility
Cons: Cassette and chain, comfort
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This show pony is a welcome departure from the black-on-black trend of the past decade.


As for the nature of it’s ‘cross-race worthiness, the Masi is for racers with glass-smooth courses waiting for them. The robust tube dimensions make for great acceleration and handling, but for this 70kg rider, a bit more compliance would have been welcomed.

The spec’d Stans Grail wheels and 3T carbon bar make for some highlights. But the black PC1130 cassette and chain, while looking good, don’t perform well when really pushing through hard efforts — this is a bit detrimental to overall shifting performance.

Masi’s CXRC certainly wins the award for the best front derailleur adapter system as it’s execution is as clean as they come.


While the CXRC may not hit all the targets for the best race bike, the addition of hidden fender mounts and clearance for 37mm tires (with fenders) means this bike is capable of a lot more than just ‘cross.

Product Specifications


Name 2018 CXRC Force 1
Brand Masi