2018 Niner BSB 9 RDO review

Niner re-introduced the BSB with the flatmount caliper standard, and left the rest alone

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
USD $3,800.00
Niner stays true to its roots: blood, sweat, and gears - the recently updated BSB is a terrific all-rounder for 'cross and mixed terrain riding

Our review

Not the liveliest of race bikes, but the spec is solid and the build quality is top-shelf
Buy if, ’Cross racing isn’t your biggest priority, and the blood, sweat and gears mentality speaks your love language
Pros: Good comfort, calm and stable geometry, Niner legacy
Cons: Cable management
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Blood, sweat and beers pretty much sums up the Niner BSB. Niner re-introduced its ‘cross rig a few months ago with updated flatmount brakes while leaving the rest of the bike the same.


The BSB opted for a predictable middle-ground geometry, and front-to-back compliance is nicely balanced. There’s no fighting the bike under any circumstances, except when really punching the gas.

As the highlight of the Niner and the test as a whole, the build quality was absolutely top shelf

Not being the most powerful rider, only the most responsive bikes prevent a mentally defeating sensation of losing speed. Compared to the other cyclocross bikes currently on test, the BSB left a bit to be desired in the ‘hair on fire’ department.

As bright spots, the Niner has an awesome cockpit with Easton’s AX alloy bar. And Stan’s Grail wheels are great all-rounders — if ‘cross racing isn’t your priority you can leverage them as great mixed-terrain tubeless wheels for the daily rides.

As the highlight of the Niner and the test as a whole, the build quality was absolutely top shelf — this is the type of thing that often goes overlooked until things start creaking, popping, and grinding. While it may be easy to dismiss something like this, poor assembly can quickly lead to escalating service bills.


For those who consume copious quantities of beer for fear that water will rust their pipes, and those that don’t underestimate the benefits of a properly assembled rig, the Niner BSB 9 RDO is waiting.

Product Specifications


Name 2018 BSB 9 RDO
Brand Niner