Open Cycle U.P. first ride review

First impressions of this versatile all-road machine

GBP £2,230
Open Cycle U.P.

Many companies are diving headfirst into the gravel / all-road market with drop-bar bikes that can handle big rubber. But few of these new models have turned as many heads as Open’s U.P.


The name stands for ‘Unbeaten Path’ and alludes to the bike’s go-anywhere attitude.

The U.P. can fit 700c tires up to 40mm wide. Riders can also drop down to smaller 650b wheels and run 2in mountain bike tires.

The bike’s wheel and tire compatibility isn’t a massive feat on its own. It’s the unique dropped drive-side chainstay, which allows the U.P. to swallow a variety of tire sizes without resorting to lengthy chainstays, that set it apart from competition.

So how does this all-road chameleon actually perform? Our tester Robin Wilmott is putting the U.P. through its paces on paved and gravel roads and has even ventured into woods to test its off-road capabilities.


Watch the video to see how versatile the U.P. really is.