Busch & Muller E-Werk charger review

Ultra-versatile charging device

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
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Busch & Muller E-Werk

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Power for almost anything, simply by riding your bike
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If you’re running, or thinking of running, a dynamo hub then this little gadget will be of interest to you.


You plug it into your dynamo (or any other source, such as a light battery for example) to give it power, and then you use the small selector dials to choose what voltage and current you want it to give out (2.8-13.3 volts, and 0.1-1.5 amps).

You then attach the item you want to power using the enclosed leads and voilà, you have a very handy device for supplying power to almost anything, from almost anything.

We have charged mobile phones, GPS units, pocket PCs, MP3 players and even the batteries for main lighting systems using the E-Werk.


A few devices might well see the connection as a data connection – although nothing we tested did this – but it performed faultlessly throughout testing. This is an outstanding little product that has more uses than you can shake a stick at.

Product Specifications


Name E-Werk dynamo powered device charger (10)
Brand Busch & Muller

Description 32mm (width) x 88mm (length) x 23mm (height)
Weight (g) 53