EM’s Power Cookies and Bars review

Delicious, treat-like energy food

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Delicious tasting and natural ingredients make these a winner
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Energy products have come a long way from the sticky, bland or overly sweet so called ‘nutrition food’ of the past. Em’s Power Cookies is a creation of Emily Miazga, a New Zealand based nutritionist and elite Ultra Endurance Athlete. Em wanted something closer to real food during her extreme stints of exertion and so Em’s Power Cookies was born.


We received a sample box of Em’s more popular pieces and were a little concerned, these things taste way too good! Em’s is a small range – made with only natural ingredients and consisting of the “Original Power Cookie” and three flavours of “Cookie Bar”; Peanut Butter Chocolate Bomb, Apricot Attack and Chocolate Oat Explosion. 

The Original Power Cookie was where it all started for Em. A soft eating cookie, this is easily the tastiest product of the range. With a mixture of dark chocolate, oats and raisins – we had people in the office swarming like seagulls for a taste. Size wise, the 85g cookie was a little awkward for some jersey pockets, it fit, but wasn’t ideal when sweaty or with gloves on. Due to this, it isn’t the perfect race food, but as a casual mid-ride snack or post ride coffee companion, the Power Cookie was exceptional.

For on the bike, the 80g Cookie Bars are the pick. Wrapped with an easily opened plastic packaging, the bar is dense enough to hold its shape and texture even after hours in the jersey pocket. For some testers, the size and density of the bar meant it had to be eaten in stages rather than in one-go. We loved all three flavours and can imagine it would be a great mix during ultra-endurance events. One tester with food intolerances loved the Peanut Butter Chocolate Bomb flavour due to it being wheat free and low dairy, something to consider for those with gut issues.


With high quality natural ingredients and a great taste; the higher than average price (AU$4.99) is the only thing stopping us from eating these daily.

Product Specifications


Name Power Cookies and Bars
Brand Em's

Weight (g) 80
Servings per Container 1