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EnergySource 4:1 is a fuel for athletes that's recommended for use during and after exercise (although for total recovery, High5's Protein Recovery is recommended).

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Easy to prepare. It tastes good. And it really works
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EnergySource 4:1 is a fuel for athletes that’s recommended for use during and after exercise (although for total recovery, High5’s Protein Recovery is recommended).


The pack consists of a powder formula in the form of four parts carbohydrate to one part protein which, when served in this ratio, claims to provide more energy than carbohydrate alone. The recommended serving is dependent upon body size and exercise intensity among other factors, but if based upon body weight alone, a 55g serving is sufficient for a 55kg athlete per hour of exercise. A 55g serving provides 39g of maltodextrin and 4.5g of fructose-based carbs to 11g of whey-based protein -so still gives a good level of carbs when compared to other energy products. The H.E.A.C (High Electrolyte Anti Cramp) formulation, which maximises fluid uptake and minimises cramp, really seems to work well and this is the first energy drink I’ve tried that hasn’t induced stomach cramps.

The drink is easy to prepare, although it does have a tendency to separate when stationary for any length of time. This is nothing that a quick shake can’t sort, otherwise the last few mouthfuls aren’t the most enjoyable!


During high intensity exercise EnergySource 4:1 really comes into its own. The energy-giving effects are felt almost instantly, allowing you to work longer, harder and without the feeling of excess tiredness. It is also fresh tasting, encouraging frequent consumption and doesn’t leave an unpleasant after-taste.

Product Specifications


Name 4:1
Brand Energy Source

Description 4 parts Carbohydrate
Available Drink Flavours Citrus
Drink Form Powder
Carbohydrate Drink Yes
Protein Drink Yes