Viner Divina review

Stunning-looking retro ride

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The Divina is a lovely looking machine. Take it for a fun spin to the cake stop and it won't disappoint – just don't expect it to up its game when you want high-speed performance
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Italians Viner have 63 years of history behind them and an equally long expertise in using steel tubing, something they celebrate in their retro-flavoured Divina.

We aren’t Luddites, but in this age of technical jiggery-pokery and carbon everything, the simplicity and elegance of a steel frame like the Divina’s – with its glinting chromed lugs and cool powder blue paint job – is something to enjoy. Many will be tempted by its looks alone.

For those after eye-catching first impressions and handling suited to relaxed café runs, the Divina will make a pleasant Sunday special. But anyone craving reasonable performance as well as nostalgic style and framebuilding would be advised to look elsewhere.

Ride & handling: Comfortable and stable but flexible frame soaks up your efforts

First impressions were mixed once we slung a leg over the suede San Marco Regal saddle. The heavy hits of our pothole-strewn test route were absorbed well by the thin steel tubing, but the constant vibrations from chip-sealed surfaces aren’t damped as well as on other steel bikes, though the Divina is still a comfy, relaxed ride.

All the elegance and shock absorption that the slim tubing affords comes back to haunt you when you attempt out-of-the-saddle acceleration, with frame flexibility soaking up your efforts before eventually returning them to you as forward motion. The problem isn’t helped by the extra-long trail of 6.9cm created by a relaxed 72-degree head tube angle and raked forks.

This geometry makes the Viner stable but also resists the side to side movements that climbing and sprinting out of the saddle requires. All of which makes climbing steep hills a chore and sprinting to be first to the café a disappointment. Instead, the Viner fares far better when you stay seated and press on the pedals.

This stable geometry also affects cornering and handling at slow speeds, which require a firm hand as it means larger weight shifts are necessary to initiate a turn. This reduces as your speed picks up, where the stable handling makes smooth flowing lines feel like the natural choice and helps you hold a consistent line through bends. But ramp up the speed again and the flex that cornering causes in the frame, fork and wheels robs the Divina of its poise, and the fastest corners just aren’t as much fun as they should be.

The viner’s steel frame is lugged and brazed the way viners have been made for the last 63 years: the viner’s steel frame is lugged and brazed the way viners have been made for the last 63 years

Frame & equipment: Stunning retro chassis with all-Italian outfit

The frame is made from Dedacciai Zero Replica steel tubing, for a modern twist on classic steel pipework. The alloying elements – carbon, magnesium, chrome, molybdenum and vanadium – have been tweaked to limit weakening of the steel in areas heated during manufacturing and to improve tensile strength compared to older steel alloys. Each tube is brazed into small but shapely lugs, just as the first Viner frames would have been.

The classic look is partly down to the front triangle’s lack of oversizing and the absence of bulbous flares and tapers – the clean and slender cylindrical tubing gives the Divina a waif-like appearance compared to modern oversized carbon fibre frames. Slim, straight seatstays and gently curved fork blades add to the understated aesthetic, with the subtle flare of the chainstays the only external sign of tube manipulation. 

In terms of looks, the Divina’s elegance and paint scheme shine, but rough finishing of the chrome plating and the ease with which the paint is chipped means on closer inspection it isn’t perhaps quite as impressive.

An all-Italian outfit consisting of Campagnolo Veloce 10-speed shifters and derailleurs supplemented by a Miche chainset complements the Divina’s supermodel looks, though the off-silver finish of the cranks jars with the impeccable anodising of the Campagnolo kit and the polished round drop Deda Speciale bar and matching stem and seatpost. The chainring bolts on our test bike also began to corrode after a wet ride, which isn’t a good look.

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The RX5 wheels maintain the low-profile style with shallow aluminium rims laced with double-butted spokes to adjustable bearing Miche hubs. While they spin up to speed quickly and the hub bearings are very smooth, the low spoke count and low spoke tension meant steering stiffness was poor, which only added to the flexible feel of the fork.

Miche forged alloy chainset: miche forged alloy chainset

Product Specifications


Name Name, 0, 10, Name, Divina (10)
Brand Brand, 0, 20, Brand, Viner Bikes

Available Sizes Available Sizes, 2, 0, Available Sizes, Custom
Bottom Bracket Bottom Bracket, 2, 0, Bottom Bracket, Miche sealed cartridge, square taper, steel axle, alloy cups, Italian threads
Brakes Brakes, 2, 0, Brakes, Miche Performance forged alloy dual pivot
Cassette Cassette, 2, 0, Cassette, Miche 12-25 10-speed, steel cogs
Chain Chain, 2, 0, Chain, Miche 10-speed
Cranks Cranks, 2, 0, Cranks, Miche forged alloy square taper 172.5mm arms, 5-arm 135mm bcd spider. 52/39t alloy rings
Fork Fork, 2, 0, Fork, Brazed steel, with sloping crown, forged dropouts, 1in threadless steerer
Frame Material Frame Material, 2, 0, Frame Material, Full Zero Replica steel lugged and brazed frame with forged dropouts
Front Derailleur Front Derailleur, 2, 0, Front Derailleur, Campagnolo Veloce forged alloy, braze-on
Handlebar Handlebar, 2, 0, Handlebar, Deda Speciale alloy shallow drop round, 42cm c-c, oversized bar clamp
Headset Type Headset Type, 2, 0, Headset Type, FSA Orbit X sealed cartridge 1in aheadset, alloy cups
Rear Derailleur Rear Derailleur, 2, 0, Rear Derailleur, Campagnolo Veloce forged alloy
Rims Rims, 2, 0, Rims, Miche RX5 pre-built machined box- section alloy aero rims
Saddle Saddle, 2, 0, Saddle, San Marco Regal, padded suede, steel rails
Seat Angle Seat Angle, 2, 0, Seat Angle, 72.5
Seatpost Seatpost, 2, 0, Seatpost, Deda Metal Stick 27.2mm x 320mm, forged alloy, single bolt seat clamp
Shifters Shifters, 2, 0, Shifters, Campagnolo Veloce Ergo QS, alloy/ composite resin
Stem Stem, 2, 0, Stem, Deda Quattro forged alloy, twin bolt 11/8in steerer clamp with 1in reducer, four-bolt oversized bar clamp
Weight (kg) Weight (kg), 2, 0, Weight (kg), 10.55
Weight (lb) Weight (lb), 2, 0, Weight (lb), 23.3
Bottom Bracket Height (cm) Bottom Bracket Height (cm), 2, 0, Bottom Bracket Height (cm), 27
Chainstays (cm) Chainstays (cm), 2, 0, Chainstays (cm), 40.5
Seat Tube (cm) Seat Tube (cm), 2, 0, Seat Tube (cm), 52
Standover Height (cm) Standover Height (cm), 2, 0, Standover Height (cm), 78.5
Top Tube (cm) Top Tube (cm), 2, 0, Top Tube (cm), 55.5
Wheelbase (cm) Wheelbase (cm), 2, 0, Wheelbase (cm), 98.5