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Yazoo milkshakes review

'Shake showdown

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
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Yazoo milk drinks

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Decent alternative to traditional sports/energy drinks, but we've tasted better
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While brands like Red Bull, Monster Energy and Rockstar have been battling it out for the title of best energy drink, a new contender has crept up while no-one was looking – the humble milkshake.


Okay, so a ‘shake isn’t going to keep you awake on the red-eye shift and probably won’t mix too well with vodka, but according to the makers of Yazoo, milk keeps the body rehydrated longer than water – and many expensive sports drinks.

Milk drinks are also rich in sodium and potassium, both of which are lost in vast quantities through exercise, so they make perfect post-ride pick-me-ups.

Yazoo shakes contain fruit juice, are low in fat and packed with calcium and vitamin B. They have no added colours or preservatives.

Comparing the chocolate flavour to our milkshake benchmark, For Goodness Shakes!, the Yazoo had a thinner consistency and more of a UHT milk aftertaste. But it was still very tasty, and at 24p cheaper than FGS! and available at your local cornershop, it’s good value and easy to get hold of. The strawberry flavour was also very pleasant – as long as you have a sweet tooth.


As for its nutritional and rehydrating benefits, it was difficult to know whether the Yazoo had any effect, but we certainly felt less guilty drinking it than we would have done downing a fizzy can filled with caffeine or forking out for an expensive tub of sports powder.

Product Specifications


Name Milkshake
Brand Yazoo

Sugars 11
Calories 75
Sodium 46
Protein 3.3
Saturated Fat 1.1
Available Drink Flavours Banana Chocolate Strawberry
Drink Form Liquid
Bottle Volume 500