Bliss ARG Vertical LD Day Top back protector review

Comfortable back protection with added thirst quenching powers

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £120.00 RRP
Bliss ARG Vertical LD Day Top back protector

Our review

A really comfy way to protect your back. The integrated flasks are a nice idea but don’t stay put for long
Buy if, You want a solid back protector and aren't too hung up on being able to drink from it
Pros: Nicely executed protection, comfortable, novel integrated flasks
Cons: The flasks don't stay put when the going gets rowdy
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As well as keeping your back protected, this vest houses two small, soft flasks in stash pockets on the hips to help quench your thirst.


First things first, the soft mesh construction is extremely comfortable, the off-centre zip stays out of the way and doesn’t irritate, and the flexible Armourgel panel at the rear goes almost unnoticed. The snug fit means we never had any issues with the back protector shifting around, and it’s thin enough that you can wear a pack over the top.

While we like the idea of combining protection with hydration, the execution doesn’t quite cut it here. Though the soft hip flasks stay put when climbing or cruising on more sedate trails, as soon as you start moving about the bike they quickly eject from the vest, especially when fairly full.


Emptying them a little and really shoving them into the pockets does help a bit, but they were still spat out when we hit a short undulating section at speed. Thankfully the tight hem on our jacket caught them, but if we’d just been wearing a jersey we’d have lost both flasks early into the first ride.

Product Specifications


Name ARG Vertical LD back protector
Brand Bliss

Protective Material Armourgel