Moveo Brace Dynamic neck brace review

Comfortable downhill protection

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
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Moveo Brace Dynamic neck brace

Our review

A comfortable brace that fits well and is very adjustable, but isn’t great when paired with larger helmets
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The Moveo brace opens at the front and pivots at the side of the neck on rubbery fittings to allow a widely adjustable fit. It doesn’t require any extra pieces to adjust the sizing, just a 4mm Allen key.


Getting it on was a bit of a challenge to begin with, because you have to use a different technique to other braces to get into the strapping. But once in, it’s the most secure system we’ve used. The pivotal fit is snug and allowed the brace to move slightly when we were breathing heavily, so it was very comfortable to wear.

Helmet movement with smaller lids was fine, but with some bigger motocross-style helmets, we had some issues with being able to look up and ahead on super-steep sections of trail. For 95 per ent of riding we used it for though, the brace was spot-on. The padding isn’t removable for washing, but hosing it down with some bike cleaner and a brush worked a treat.


This article was originally published in Mountain Biking UK magazine.

Product Specifications


Name Brace Dynamic (11)
Brand Moveo

Description · Materials: - Frames: Fiberglass reinforced polyamide - Surface Fom: ERF, crosslinked composite - Hinges (FHD Technology): elastomeric PP - Quick coupling system: Utramate by Velcro - Mechanisms and moving systems: POM · Sizes: - Range of use: Chest contour from 80 up to 125 cm - Integrated size regulation system. Changing parts is not needed - 4 sizes · Elements included in the pack: - Moveo Neck Brace Dynamic - Instruction manual - Bag to preserve the Moveo Neck Brace - TF - Straps - Allen tool to adjust different sizes. - Zip extender of 50mm.
Weight (g) 793