SealSkinz All Weather Cycle Gloves review

Waterproof, windproof but not good for winter

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Do not go out in 'all weather' in these gloves
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SealSkinz’ All Weather Cycles Gloves are designed to be breathable, waterproof and windproof. They do, more or less, manage this.


The inner glove does a good job of keeping the rain out and it does wick away moisture from your hands if they’re sweaty, while the lightweight outer keeps the wind off. The gloves feel quite comfy and feature a silicone print on the fingers and palm for improved grip.

So far, so good – but when put to the test we found they didn’t live up to their all-weather tag. If the temperature was much above 10°C, we found them uncomfortably warm and sweaty.

This may have been the outer glove not working effectively to get rid of the accumulated sweat. One thing is for sure: unlike other gloves they needed a good wash after every long ride.

On the flip side, if the temperature fell below 5°C, we ended up with cold to freezing hands. This happened on a number of occasions, but the worst experience was during a 25-mile ride in rain and sleet, with the mercury nudging 1°C.

At the end of that ride we had to pry the gloves off with our teeth after our fingers lost all feeling. Keeping your fingers dry is all very well but it’s pointless if they freeze. These are just not thick enough to keep out the cold.


We’ve tested other gloves that may not be as waterproof as these All Weather Cycle Gloves, but they work in a wider temperature range. They also do a better job of keeping your hands warm enough to operate the brakes and gears, even when it rains.

SealSkinz all weather cycle gloves: sealskinz all weather cycle gloves
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Product Specifications


Name All Weather Cycle Gloves
Brand SealSkinz

Waterproof Yes
Windproof Yes
Palm Material Padded
Glove Type Full Finger
SIlicon Finger Panels Yes