Berghaus Vapour Storm waterproof jacket review

Full marks for a benchmark sports waterproof

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The perfect mix of protection and comfort - and useful off the bike too
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Berghaus have used GoreTex Active Shell fabric and clever construction to deliver an impressive jacket that we predict will become the benchmark in comfort for high-energy sports waterproofs.


Technically it isn’t a pure mountain bike jacket, and is instead created for any outdoor activity that turns the volume up high. However, the fit is still good on a bike – because it has the notion of active performance at its core, there are none of the usual compromises you have to make when going for the ‘one jacket for all’ option

The fit is looser than a dedicated bike jacket, but it manages not to feel too bulky whether you layer up heavily or strip down. There’s plenty of ease through the shoulders, and Berghaus have skillfully avoided the usual multi-use jacket giveaway of creating a too-boxy body.

It sat neatly over as many or as few layers as we’ve worn and never felt baggy, plus it provides enough length at the back even for the tallest riders. The hood goes over your helmet too. Our only tiny quibble is that the material is loud when new – but worry not, it quietens down with use.

Berghaus vapour storm jacket:
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The Gore-Tex Active fabric is both waterproof and breathable

The breathability comes courtesy of the Gore-Tex Active waterproof fabric. We’re big fans of this fabric – it really does have exceptional breathability, which in the UK is absolutely vital – but Berghaus has also constructed a series of always-open, downward-angled vents to create airflow and aid cooling.

It’s perfect for pedally trails – comfort is never compromised when wearing the Vapour Storm, and sleeves that you can push up are a welcome touch too.

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This article is based on reviews originally published in What Mountain Bike and Mountain Biking UK magazines.

Product Specifications


Name Vapour Storm (13)
Brand Berghaus

Description Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. Colours: Slate stone/Infinity green, Aquamarine/Lemonsour. Women's version available.