Capo Drago bib short review

Imbalanced bib short with legs that creep up

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A rare false start from Capo. We'd suggest you buy their great SC-12 bibs instead
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Capo makes a number of great pieces, but this isn’t one of them.


The Drago bib short features a number of quality materials, but they come together in an imbalanced way, resulting in parts of the piece being tight and others being almost baggy. While riding, the legs would hike way up, looking almost like women’s spinning shorts. The Drago features the exact same cut as other Capo bibs we have tested and loved (like the SC-12), but the fit is worlds apart because of the mixed fabrics’ performance.

Capo uses coldblack — Schoeller’s heat-reflective treatment — plus compression Lycra and mesh Lycra in the construction of the Drago.

  • Pros: Constructed from quality materials; comfortable chamois, provided it matches your anatomy
  • Cons: Already short legs ride up; bib straps are overly tight; high-compression center material overpowers stretchy side material for somewhat baggy crotch

The silicone leg grip strip isn’t very breathable on the skin or grippy. Wearing knee or leg warmers exacerbated the bib shorts’ tendency to creep up at the legs – to the point that we had to stop on a ride after the legs came all the way up past the top of the warmers.

Capo padrone bib short: the leg gripper isn’t breathable – or really that grippy:
Josh Patterson/Future Publishing

The leg grippers were no match for the bibs’ proclivity to hike up while pedaling

The bib straps begin as a nice, stretchy black mesh that conforms to the body well. But at the shoulders, strips of nearly inflexible fabric are used. The end result is an overly tight harness; when worn without an undershirt the straps left small indentions on the skin.

While normally a Large in Capo, we also requested and tested an Extra Large to ensure that our issues weren’t related to improper sizing.

The four-way stretch chamois is comfortable, but the stitching to the body of the short wasn’t well placed for us; we could feel the stitching between the skin and the side of the saddle while pedaling. Perhaps the firm type of fabric used through the crotch called attention to this more than a more compliant fabric would.

As for the chamois itself, the padding is a heavily sculpted anatomic design – which is all fine and good if the placement exactly matches your anatomy. On this short, the padding designed for the sitbones fell aft of where we needed it.


Bottom line: try before you buy to ensure that the fit works for you.

Product Specifications


Name Drago bib short (13)
Brand Capo

Colour Black
Bib Straps Yes