100% Speedcraft Air review

Peter Sagan’s respiration shades

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £299.00 RRP | USD $325.00
The tough, shatterproof Grilamid frame’s arms are vented, flexible and grippy, for security and comfort

Our review

The Speedcraft Airs have unique looks and novel features… for a price
Buy if, You want an extra benefit on race days
Pros: Great lens, enhanced breathing, secure
Cons: Expensive, most suited for competition use
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Close your mouth and inhale through your nose. You should feel your nostrils constricting as the airflow increases – this is exactly what the 100% Speedcraft Air aims to prevent.


The tough, shatterproof Grilamid frame’s arms are vented, flexible and grippy, for security and comfort. The angular frame is shallow and wide, providing rigidity and a firm mount for the lens-retaining nosepiece. A central rubber pad spaces the frame away from your brow.

In the case is a bag, spare clear lens, magnetic applicator, and a set of 20 nasal strips with ten individual wipes. Additional strips are available at £15/$15 for a pack of 20.

How to wear the 100% Speedcraft Air

Clean each side of your nose with a wipe, allow to dry, then use the applicator to stick a strip on each side. Their perforated adhesive back is transparent, with a dark central metallic dot. Open the nasal dilator arms with the frame’s centre-mounted ridged wheel, and put your glasses on.

The strips snap onto the magnets, then adjust the arms so your nostrils feel noticeably more free-flowing. They hold so tightly that removing the glasses needs a firm pull, which also means they remain precisely in place while riding. On a ride without the strips fitted I found that sweat dripped inside the lens…

At times when you breathe through your nose, the difference in nasal air volume is obvious, and this can be altered by adjusting the dial, although once you find a position that works for you, you’d probably leave it alone, because if set too narrow the arms prevent the nostrils flaring.

100% Speedcraft Air verdict

I can’t put figures to any performance increase, but when you’re at full gas, unrestricted breathing can feel like being mildly turbocharged, and slightly reduces the work your respiratory system has to do.


As these 37g glasses cost £119/$130 more than standard Speedcraft shades, you need to be keen to maximise your breathing and might want to save them for race days.

Product Specifications


Name Speedcraft Air
Brand 100%

Sunglasses Type Replaceable Lens