Rudy Project Genetyk ImpactX sunglasses review

Transition lenses suitable for wide range of lighting conditions

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“Unbreakable” lenses coupled to a frame that can be fitted to nearly any shape face
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There’s little doubt about the quality of Rudy Project’s range of ImpactX lenses. Deemed “unbreakable for life”, these highly flexible and photochromic lenses are almost impossible to scratch. 


Thanks to transition technology, the change from light to dark is actually impregnated in the material rather than being an external treatment. Many companies use a photochromic coating on their polycarbonate lenses. However, the material used in the ImpactX series means they won’t crack or break when subjected to mechanical stress. 

ImpactX lenses also feature an additional element that almost eliminates the chance of scratching. The result is a superior lens that will last much longer in real world conditions while reducing any drop in clarity usually caused by lens damage.

The Genetyk glasses have an easily adjustable nosepiece that allows you to position the eyewear in the most preferred position. The firm yet flexible V-shaped piece only needs to be molded once before remaining in that position unless pushed with a small amount of force.

At 31g, the Genetyks are light enough to be comfortable, with the shape of the arms sitting perfectly on the ears. The evenly dispersed weight also means they sit solidly on the face and won’t bounce around – even during off-road use.

The only downside is the fact that sweat can drip down onto the lenses in certain weather conditions. However, it’s a small compromise that will only really be noticeable when you stop for extended periods of time. The tall and extensive lens coverage far outweighs this minor challenge.

The nosepiece is extremely flexible and can be bent to suit your preference: the nosepiece is extremely flexible and can be bent to suit your preference
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Australian-based customers who purchase their Rudy eyewear from or an Australian dealer qualify for the Replacement Lens Guarantee. This exclusive offer gives owners of damaged lenses the chance to purchase replacements at a highly reduced price.

North American riders can buy in shops or online at, and riders in the rest of the world can check out Rudy Project’s global site.

A variety of colour options are available, and each pair of Genetyks comes with three additional pairs of lenses: yellow, Racing and transparent. 


The video below details how to change Rudy Project’s Genetyk lenses:

How to change rudy project genetyk lenses

Product Specifications


Name Genetyk ImpactX sunglasses (12)
Brand Rudy Project

Description Features: *Quick change *Adjustable temples *Adjustable nosepiece *Ergo IV T-Lock Safety *Project Prescription ready - optical insert