Scott Spur LS sunglasses review

Light-sensitive premium shades

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
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Scott Spur LS

Our review

Scott’s Spurs are a stylish pair of cycling shades that perform very, very well
Buy if, You want a pair of glasses that perform as nicely as they look
Pros: Great looks, fit, performance and price
Cons: Slightly prominent nose bridge
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Scott has always done an excellent job with its eyewear – as you’d expect from a brand that also has a history making eye protection for snow sports, motocross and mountain biking. So it clearly knows a thing or two about helping you look after your peepers.


Its Spur glasses have a distinctive angular design but this isn’t just about looking good – it’s also about function. The stepped-down arms are designed so that they are completely clear of your helmet, while still allowing plenty of lens coverage up to and above your brow. When you’re riding this means no wind or light intrudes over the top of the frame, which is very welcome.

The lens itself is photochromic, which means it changes with the light. Under low light conditions the lens is a smoke grey colour, turning dark grey as lighting conditions brighten. But however bright it is, the lens still provides 100 per cent UVA and UVB protection. For really dull days, or if you’re riding in darkness, the Spur also comes with a second, clear lens.

The frame is designed to allow you to swap lenses quickly. Just fold the arm, pull on the lower section and it slides out of the way, allowing you to simply and swiftly remove the lens. It’s similar to the Switchlock system that Oakley uses on its RadarLock glasses – but is both less fiddly and quicker to operate.

The lens has small vents above the nose section and a couple more above the hinges. We found them effective too. Thanks to the combination of this venting and a hydrophobic – water-repellent – coating, we couldn’t get them to fog at all during all sorts of rides in drastically different weather conditions.


The frame itself is very well tensioned, holding your face without bouncing or slipping even when riding over rougher ground, helped by the grippy, soft-touch nosepiece and soft temple tips. You can see the bridge while riding – which is the only criticism we can make of the Spurs – but not to the point of it being distracting. The Spurs are a stylish and understated pair of cycling shades that perform very, very well and weigh just 31g. The package includes photochromic and clear lenses, a soft cleaning bag and a hard case, which makes the Spurs pretty good value for premium eyewear.

Product Specifications


Name Spur LS
Brand Scott

Sunglasses Type Replaceable Lens
Photochromic Lenses Yes