Smith Attack Max sunglasses review

Clever wraparound shades

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £190.00 RRP | AUD $370.00 | USD $249.00
On the bike the Attack’s light 26.9g weight means you hardly notice them

Our review

Smart, safe lens changing system, but that comes at a price
Buy if, You want a light, comfortable set of glasses with an excellent lens system
Pros: Great shape, clever lens change, lightweight
Cons: The supplied case doesn’t hold complete glasses well, expensive
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Single lens wrap shades have always offered the greatest uncluttered range of vision, with the one-piece lens also helping to keep overall weight down and clarity up. Smith’s Attack Max glasses do exactly that with the 45mm-deep lens offering an unfettered field of vision.


Where Smith has been really clever is with the lens attachment. The lens itself has a triangular moulding at the temples with a holed centre. The metal-hinged and sprung arms attach into this, with a magnetic jaw that holds the lens securely.

If, like me, you have experienced the tension and fear of trying to ‘pop’ out an expensive lens from its frame, the Attacks take any potential worries away, the clever lens retention system really impressed me during testing.

The lens system is one of the safest I’ve tried, it even surpasses Smith’s own Pivlock system for simplicity. However, the included hardcase is designed to store the two lenses and the arms separately so you do have to ‘build’ your glasses before you ride.

This isn’t a difficult job, I would just have preferred the case to be able to take the complete glasses without them fouling the zip.

On the bike the Attack’s light 26.9g weight means you hardly notice them, and the two-position adjustable nosepiece means you’ll achieve a secure fit. While riding on the road, the Smiths remained secure, but they did bounce a little when I decided to undertake a few gravel excursions.

The grippers on the arms run the full length, which is good to see, as is the inclusion of a second lens designed for low-light conditions featuring a light-enhancing orange tint.

The protection levels are pretty good but I did experience a little buffeting from the wind, and I would say the 45mm-deep lenses are better suited to smaller faces.

In all, I am very impressed with the Smith Attacks, they fit very well, and the lens system is a work of genius. I do have some reservations with any sunglasses that retail at just under £200 / $250 / $400.


The Attacks are very, very good, I’m just not sure they are that good.

Product Specifications


Name Attack Max
Brand Smith Optics

Different Colours Available Yes