Superstar Ceramic GXP bottom bracket review

Inexpensive ceramic-bearing upgrade

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
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Superstar Ceramic GXP Bottom Bracket

Our review

Half-price ceramic bottom bracket for low-friction aficionados
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Ceramic bearings are the latest big thing in bearing technology. Although they’re more expensive than standard bearings, they’re rounder, smoother balls which generate less friction when spun. That’s useful in hubs, jockey wheels, pedals and the most important bearing of all, the bottom bracket.


This Superstar Ceramic bottom bracket is a Truvativ model, although models to fit Race Face, FSA and Shimano cranks are also available. It simply spins into a clean and greased bottom bracket shell and is tightened with the normal external bottom bracket tool.

As soon as it’s in, and the cranks installed, you’ll notice the difference. Our cranks seemed to be spinning twice as freely as before – at least, they did compared with the year-old Truvativ bottom bracket we rode alongside it. 

The weight of the unit is identical to that of the original, so it’s performance not weight where you’re winning. The seals look effective, although they’ve had nothing but dust to keep out so far, so not too difficult a test.

We’ve logged about 100 hard off-road miles on it so far and we’ll need put in many more before we get a clear picture of long-term durability, but so far it’s looking good.


Superstar sources its components from the Far East and sells them direct, which is why this bottom bracket is a bargain price.

Product Specifications


Name Ceramic GXP Bottom Bracket
Brand Superstar Components

Description Truvativ/SRAM/Bontrager use the GXP standard BB. 68/73mm shell compatible, with spacers included. Follow manufacturers installation instructions. Superstar brand offer two levels of quality: High quality cartridge bearings offer equal performance to Shimanos offerings for a much lower price point. 8 colours available to match your bike. Black Silver Gold Red Blue Pink Purple and Green. Simple cheap and long lasting.
Material Ceramic