Cane Creek 200TT levers review

The way to make full use of cow-horn bars

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £24.99 RRP | USD $31.50
Cane Creek 200TT levers

Our review

Inexpensive and effective levers for TTers and anyone else on cow-horn bars
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Flat handlebar road bikes are quite popular these days, but if you want to ride with your wrists at their natural angle – as on a drop bar – you’re a bit stuffed. You can alter them with Cane Creek’s excellent Ergo Control bar ends, but you can’t operate the brake levers. 


What you need are cow-horn bars like time triallists use, and these brake levers. They clamp into the ends of the bars, and if they’re drilled for internal cables you can tidy those away too. There’s a rubber bung on the end if you want to rest a thumb there, and it will also stop you apple-coring your body in a crash.  The levers themselves don’t have quite as much travel as dropbar levers, and like dropbar levers they only pull enough cable for sidepulls.


Of course, these levers are the only type you can use on your race bike if you’ve got cow-horn or integrated TT bars. That’s where I fitted them. They work fine and make your bike look like it means business. They’re available in carbon too, but cost £35 extra for a 30g weight saving.

Product Specifications


Name 200TT levers
Brand Cane Creek

Weight (g) 160
Available Colours Black
Material Aluminium
Bike Use Time/Track Trials