Brake Authority ceramic brake pads review

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Brake Authority Ceramic Pads

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Consider these for high heat build-up conditions and if price isn’t an issue
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These ceramic brake pads are made from a mixture of the standard sintered metal pad material with some ceramic content thrown in. The idea behind the latter compound is that heat should dissipate better when the pads get warm, reducing brake fade.


We whacked our set into an Avid Elixir and got cracking. Brake Authority do say they’re designed for racing only due to the ceramic element causing faster wear than on a normal sintered pad, which we found to be true to an extent. But they don’t wear as fast as some resin-based options.


Resistance to heat build-up did seem better than usual, and the bite of the brake was better than with the original pads. But the difference was less noticeable in very wet conditions. You pay the price for high performance too, making these a condition-specific buy rather than a standard replacement.

Product Specifications


Name Ceramic Pads (11)
Brand Brake Authority

Description Avid Elixir models tested
Features • High performing syntherized pads, especially designed for racing. • High biting power. • High performances at high and low temperatures (ceramic thermal resistant screen). • Non-aggressive for the disk. • High resistance to fading.