Shimano Deore M615 MTB disc brakes review

Basic but sorted, reliable stopper

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £95.00 RRP
Shimano's Deore M615 brakes are solid stoppers, but the slightly more expensive SLX units hit the value sweet spot best of all

Our review

Solidly reliable, affordable performance – but SLX adds a lot for only a little extra outlay
Buy if, Your cash ceiling is fixed and you want the best budget anchors on the market
Pros: Excellent feel, reliability and ease of maintenance
Cons: Noticeably less powerful than slx, more pad rub in grimy conditions
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Shimano’s basic Deore delivers the best performance in the budget brake market.


They don’t get the tool-free reach adjust or the variable leverage ‘Servo Wave’ cam of the more expensive SLX brakes. That means there’s less pad retraction and increased scuff noise in dirty conditions.

The hose exit angle on the calliper is fixed and can look untidy on some frames, and when you stick them on a dyno they’ve got 7% less power too. That’s enough for perceptive riders to notice on the trail when things get fast and steep and makes a 180mm or larger front rotor essential for aggressive riding.

There’s no dimpled grip detailing on the broad lever either but feel is still excellent, with impressive modulation being the obvious gain over cheaper Shimano sets. You also get a hinged safety-catch-equipped bar clamp with I-Spec shifter integration for a neat cockpit setup.

Funnel-based bleeding of the skin, paint and eco-friendly mineral oil internals is simple if you’re patient and we’ve had none of the variable bite point issues of some more expensive Shimano units.


Pads are secured with split pins not screw-in rods, but we’ve found the original resin sets to last surprisingly well even in winter conditions. They deal with heat well enough to run longer-lasting, harder-biting sintered pads for riding in the UK or upgrade to finned pads for big-mountain use.

Product Specifications


Name Deore M615
Brand Shimano

Weight (kg) 0.492