Fox 34 TALAS 160 CTD ADJ FIT 275 suspension fork review

Improved for 2014, but still expensive

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0
GBP £1,020.00 RRP | AUD $1,639.00
Fox 34 TALAS 160 CTD ADJ FIT 275 suspension fork

Our review

A more aggressive feel than 2013, but weight, inconsistent compression and cost are issues
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Fox’s 34 TALAS fork is significantly better for 2014, but still struggles to justify its price. The 34mm stanchion chassis is unchanged, so it’s still heavier than the competition across all the wheel sizes.


Also, until you get to long-legged 29er versions it’s not dramatically stiffer than the best 32mm forks from other manufacturers, either. The QR15 axle is brilliant though.

The TALAS travel adjust is a new hydraulic system with overall travel and travel difference adjustment. It suffers from far less stiction for an action that’s closer to the fixed travel Float. With the longer negative spring and Kashima coating of the flagship Factory model, it gives a very plush, comfortable and high traction top stroke at lower air pressures.

A firmer mid-stroke damper tune in all three modes – climb, trail, descend – and a more progressive spring than 2013 (and 2012) versions give a much more supportive cornering and braking feel too.

Exactly how smoothly and consistently the fork behaves depends a lot on the air pressure you have to run, and heavier/harder riders may still struggle to find a balance. Despite improvement it’s still expensive for a fork and it has some weight and tuning issues too.


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Product Specifications


Name 34 TALAS 160 CTD ADJ FIT 275 (14)
Brand Fox

Weight (kg) 2.16
Crown to Axle Length 560
Min. Fork Travel 130mm
Max. Fork Travel 160mm