K9 fork bearings review

Improve your fork's responsiveness

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
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K9 fork bearings

Our review

Impressive performance - an excellent return for a small outlay
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K9’s fork bearings simply push into your fork top cap and sit on top of the spring with the aim of improving your fork’s responsiveness. There’s a few on offer: one covers 2005-09 RockShox Boxxers, one fits the BOS Idylle/RaRe and one 2010-12 Boxxers, which is what we have here.


We had to buy a Boxxer Race top cap (£16.99) for our Boxxer Team fork, because the bottom-out adjuster on the Team fork needs to be removed to fit the bearing. With the bearing in the fork, the difference it makes to riding smooth trails wasn’t massively noticeable, but when we tried it on rough terrain, the difference became very obvious.


The front wheel tracked the ground significantly better, thanks to the increased activity that the bearing gave the fork. The small-bump sensitivity and suppleness was improved too. An excellent return for £20. Everyone who’s tried these bearings has been impressed with their performance.

Product Specifications


Name fork bearings
Brand K9 Industries

Description Options available to suit: RockShox Boxxer 05-09; BOS Idylle/RaRe; Boxxer 10-12