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Cane Creek eeWings crankset review

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £1,000.00 RRP | USD $999.00 | AUD $1,550.00
Cane Creek eeWings crankset

Our review

Ultimate strength, durability, light weight and peace of mind – if you don’t mind paying a small fortune
Pros: Incredible strength-to-weight ratio; the titanium arms shrug off hits with ease; quite possibly the most ‘bling’ production product around
Cons: Extraordinarily expensive
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Costing just a smidgen under £1,000 / $1,000, /AU$1,550 I was hoping for something special from Cane Creek’s titanium eeWings cranks.

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The US brand set out to make a crankset that was equivalent to top-end carbon fibre options in terms of weight, but with greater stiffness, durability and resistance to impact damage.

Kudos to Cane Creek when it comes to the numbers on the scales – at 404g (including crank arms, spindle and bolts), the eeWings are exceptionally light.

Installation is straightforward, and I appreciate the fact Cane Creek has used an aluminium preload adjuster, which is easier to grip and tighten than some rivals’ plastic versions.

The eeWings use a 30mm spindle, compatible with a range of different bottom bracket types (all available separately). This connects to the driveside arm via a Hirth joint (a series of interlocking teeth).

As well as being able to handle very high loads, this interface makes the cranks simple to remove – you just undo the single driveside crank bolt (which isn’t self-extracting, and there are no pinch bolts to worry about). The bolt itself is titanium, and is tightened with a 10mm Allen key, rather than the more common 8mm size.

Since bolting the cranks on, I’ve had no issues with them coming loose, or any hint of creaking or groaning under power. The 176mm Q-factor is slightly wider than on the SRAM DUB crankset it replaced (168mm), but this didn’t affect my riding or pedalling.

The three-bolt, direct-mount chainring attachment makes it easy to find replacements, and is compatible with SRAM’s X-Sync rings.

On the bike, power transfer from the pedals to the rear wheel feels super-efficient. Yet even though the eeWings are some of the stiffest cranks I’ve tried, I didn’t notice any extra or unpleasant feedback on bumpy trails.

They can handle heavy landings too, without wincing or feeling ankle-snappingly harsh. Any crank contact with the ground was shrugged off and a quick buff had them looking (almost) like new again.

Welded pedal inserts mean there’s little cause to worry about things loosening off or ripping out if you get sloppy with your pedalling. After months of hard use, mine are still looking fresh and remain totally straight.

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The eeWings may not transform your riding, but their weight, construction quality and ability to handle abuse make them very appealing. The fact they’re lovely to look at does them no harm either. Just be sure to have a healthy bank balance before placing your order.

Product Specifications


Price br_price, 5, 3, Price, AUD $1550.00GBP £1000.00USD $999.00
Brand br_brand, 5, 10, Brand, Cane creek


Crank lengths br_crankLengths, 11, 0, Crank lengths, 170mm and 175mm