ODI Elite Pro Lock-On grips review

Thin lock-on grips with a bit of padding

Our rating 
3.8 out of 5 star rating 3.8
USD $28.95

Our review

Reliable lock-on grips with positive feedback, but can be a bit firm on long rides
Buy if, You need thin lock-on grips or love ODI's Ruffian grips but want more cushion and texture
Pros: Thin profile, nice feedback, inside flange, good pattern that improves the ride
Cons: A bit hard, pattern can feel a bit much without gloves
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ODI knows a lot about grips, outfitting basically anything with a handlebar for over 25 years. Their deep experience extends to sportbikes, ATVs, and even snowmobiles and jet skis. Their Elite Pro Lock-On grips have a quite impressive name, but are they worthy of it?

Three colors are available

ODI Elite Pro Lock-On grip features

  • Ergonomic design conforms to riders hand without feeling bulky, provides padding where it is needed most
  • Half-Waffle pattern on the front of the grip provides extra control when you are off the back of the bike
  • New Single Clamp — Version 2.1 Lock-On System for more usable grips space and improved comfort on the outside of the grip
  • Variable knurl pattern alternates from smooth to sharp texture to provide more traction without irritating your hands
  • Reinforced End molded out of soft, but durable material to prevent grip blowout
  • Available in Red/Black, Black/Black, Graphite/Black

ODI Elite Pro Lock-On grips installation

I slid the Elite Pro grips on my bars and tightened the single lock-on clamp, installation is about that easy (man, do I love lock-on simplicity!). I did take a moment to line up the raised center portion and the waffle pattern of the Elite Pros just so.

I remember when ODI’s first (they were the innovators) lock-on grips showed up years ago, and I distinctly remember how stoked I was to not have to fight or slice my grips off. I’ve ridden single-sided lock-on grips in the past and feel confident in their anti-throttling ability, having only slightly spun one grip on a particularly dumb move.  

ODI’s Elite Pro Lock-On grips have single-sided lock on collars and weigh 102g
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

ODI Elite Pro Lock-On grips on the hands

First impressions were favorable, with a slim, yet contoured feeling. Slim grips do an excellent job of relaying tire and terrain information through your hands. The downside is that thin grips don’t have much in the way of cushioning.

The standard thin grips in my world are ODI’s Ruffian. The Elite Pros are basically ODI’s Ruffian grips with a lot more going on. I used to love the Ruffians, running them on a bunch of bikes. 

An alternating angle pattern provides some cushioning, while the half waffle pattern delivers grip
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

Back to the Elite Pros, I could feel a bit of side-to-side movement through the raised center if I focused my attention on it. The alternating diagonal pattern is unique in that it feels bigger than it actually is. 

I’ve logged a bunch of trail rides and even a lift-served downhill day on the Elite Pro grips. Honestly, the first rides made me think I had found my new go-to grips; they were like my previous favorite Ruffians, but better.

I really dug the waffle pattern that gave my fingertips something to grasp, and the small inside flange had become something I now find odd to ride without. 

The small inside flange is something all grips should have
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

But as I logged more and more days on them, especially longer days and with different pairs of gloves, my delicate mitts began to wish for a bit more padding. Maybe it’s because I’m a wimp, but I’d like to think it’s because I’m hitting the terrain so hard and fast. The firmness was particularly noticeable on the outside of my palms below my pinkies, where the raised center portion tapers down to meet the notoriously hard, Ruffian-like grip edge.  


That said, the Elite Pros strike an impressive combo with a bit of cushioning packaged in thin, high-feedback grips.

Product Specifications


Name Elite Pro Lock-On grips
Brand ODI