TMR Imprint Premium grips review

Grips to match the shape of your hands

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3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0
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TMR Imprint Premium grips

Our review

Brilliant for riders putting long hours in with their fingers wrapped around the bars – but may divide opinions among others
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These customisable grips from TMR offer all the benefits of normal lock-ons but with the ability to permanently shape the rubber surface to fit your hands. The procedure is straightforward – leave the grip in boiling water for a couple of minutes, cool it briefly and then clamp your hand in place (being careful to get the exact spot you normally hold on to) until the rubber cools and sets.


Once you’ve correctly orientated each grip on the bar in line with your fingers, it’s easy to get them nice and tight using the 3mm bolts on the single lock-on collars. On the trail, they feel very comfy and natural when your hands are correctly lined up. Shift your fingers slightly and they can feel a bit odd though. This makes them better for riders putting in long miles sat in the saddle. The rubber isn’t particularly soft either, so those looking for a bit of cushioning might be put off.

Product Specifications


Name Imprint Premium grips (15)
Brand TMR Designs

Description Customisable grips
Weight (g) 135