Zipp SL Bar/Stem and Seatpost review

Comfy cockpit quality

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £367.00 RRP | USD $382.00 | EUR €413.00 | AUD $560.00
Combined price of bar, stem and seatpost
Zipp SL Bar/Stem & Seatpost

Our review

A great-looking, high-quality,comfort-boosting cockpit... but pricey
Pros: Great quality, stiff stem, comfortable ergonomic bar
Cons: The seatpost didn’t add the plushness I’d hoped for
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Zipp is best known for its high-end wheels, but the Indianapolis-based company also manufactures cockpit components, such as its Service Course SL aluminium stem and handlebar, and carbon fibre seatpost.


Zipp SL Stem

3.5 out of 5 star rating
Zipp Service Course SL
My 11cm stem weighed 130g.
Jesse Wild / Immediate Media
  • £102 / US$112  / AU$170 / €115

The stem is stiff, a claimed ‘best-in-class 1.85g/Nm of stiffness’ no less, which made for efficient out-of-saddle sprinting efforts.

My 11cm stem weighed 130g, which is lighter than claimed but not ultra-light.

Its stiffness balances well with the comfort of the pro rider-developed handlebar, with its 3-degree backsweep, flattened ‘ergonomic’ tops and drops that flare out by 4 degrees to give a little greater wrist clearance.

Zipp SL Bar

4.0 out of 5 star rating
Zipp Service Course SL
The 42cm bar weighed 280g, a touch heavier than claimed.
Jesse Wild / Immediate Media
  • £109 / US$110 /  AU$160 / €123

I’m a big fan of slightly ovalised or flattened tops, which allow a more natural wrist position that’s more comfortable when riding on the tops.

The 42cm bar weighed 280g – 5g heavier than claimed – and is Di2-compatible.

Zipp supplies titanium T25 Torx bolts and a T25 wrench with the stem, claiming Torx is durable, resists stripping better than hex bolts and is more accurate with torque wrenches.

Zipp Seatpost

3.5 out of 5 star rating
Zipp Service Course SL
The 400mm seatpost is beautifully finished and weighs 252g.
Jesse Wild / Immediate Media
  • £156 / US$160 / AU$230 / €175

The seatpost hit the scales at 252g (claimed 249g) at its full 400mm length, which you can cut (carefully) as long as you leave 100mm in the seat tube.

It’s available in 31.6, 25.4 and the 27.2mm diameter I tested, in zero and 20mm setback options. It has been designed with more compliance when riding on the sort of gravel surfaces drop-bar bikes are now often used for.

As with the bar and stem, the carbon and aluminium seatpost is beautifully finished and also complies with Zipp’s mountain bike strength test, making it tough enough for rough riding.

Zipp’s designers have also “tuned it to be more shock absorbing than the ‘comfort’ seatposts on the market’, with flex engineered into it to keep “the rider comfortable over any terrain”. The two-bolt saddle clamp is easy to adjust.

There’s no doubting the quality of the Zipp post, and though there’s more flex evident than from a cheap aluminium post, it’s not as pampering as I’d expected.


While light, it’s not exceptionally so for the money and the same is true for the rest of the cockpit. Well-made Zipp kit but not super-light for the price.

Product Specifications


Price AUD $560.00EUR €413.00GBP £367.00USD $382.00
Brand Zipp


Material Aluminium