Trickstuff Trixer Hydraulic Rotor review

Trick aid for hydrualic braked mountain bikes

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Trickstuff Trixer Hyrdraulic Rotor

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A simple but pricey solution for the barspinning trick ferrets out there
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Barspins and tailwhips are popular tricks, but they interfere with hydraulic lines. The front hose can be routed through the head tube directly to the fork, but the rear  is still normally a problem. Until now.


The Trixer hydraulic rotor sits in place of the bearing cover on the top race of your headset, under the stem, taking up 23mm. The Trixer is two rotating plates with bladders that push on each other. There is a hose entry on the top plate and an exit on the bottom plate that are compatible with Goodridge and other similar hose units, though no fittings are included.


Bleeding is a no-fuss affair and the brake feels just a little bit spongier. This differs depending on the brand, but once used to it you won’t even know. With this fitted you can spin the bars to your heart’s content.

Product Specifications


Name Trixer Hyrdraulic Rotor
Brand Trickstuff

Stack Height 23