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DMR Vault flat pedals review

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £120.00 RRP | USD $164.00 | AUD $225.00
DMR Vault mountain bike flat pedals

Our review

Excellent performance thanks to a great platform shape and grippy pins
Pros: Concavity focuses pin pressure and improves grip and stability; replaceable pins; rebuildable
Cons: Platform could be larger
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The DMR Vault is one of the brand’s best-selling flat pedals, filling the premium slot in DMR’s range.

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Available in many anodised colour options, the Vault offers a large concave platform.

The Vault is fully rebuildable, and has replaceable and adjustable pins.

DMR Vault details and specifications

The Vault’s 105(L)x105mm(W) (at its widest point) platform is made from extruded 6061 aluminium.

Its large surface area is 19mm deep at its front and back edges, and 11mm at the side edge, while the very centre of the pedal is only 8mm thick.

All its edges are chamfered to help with ground- or rock-strike deflection.

There are seven 6mm-long replaceable pins positioned around the pedal’s front and back edges, and four stubbier 4mm pins on the pedal’s sides.

DMR Vault mountain bike flat pedals
The concave platform and sharp pins are a recipe for success.
Ian Linton / Our Media

The 6mm pins can be reversed to turn them into 4mm-long versions so owners can tune grip. Included with the pedals are two spare pins and an Allen key to remove or fit them.

The pins are replaced from the back side of the pedals, making the job easier to do if they become damaged or covered in mud.

The 4140 chromoly steel axle runs on a DU bushing and a cartridge bearing. My test pedals weighed 429g.

DMR Vault performance

Thanks to their impressively concave platform, the Vaults were excellent at focusing my foot’s pressure onto the leading and trailing edge pins, which increased grip.

While the long, well-spaced pins did a lot of the work of keeping my feet in place, the platform’s shape further boosted grip and stability by cupping my feet well compared to flatter or convex pedals.

DMR Vault mountain bike flat pedals
The platform could arguably be larger, but it’s still more than adequate for most people.
Ian Linton / Our Media

A slightly smaller platform than some rival pedals means there’s a fair amount of foot overlap over the front, rear and side of the pedal, which can cause some clawing and reduces stability.

This resulted in twisting on rougher descents, although it didn’t dramatically reduce grip. My heels tended to rotate inboard towards the cranks, resting against them.

While this didn’t reduce control or cause my feet to jump off the pedals, it did highlight the need for a slightly larger platform.

How we tested

We’ve tested 13 flat pedals for mountain bikes in some of the harshest conditions on a host of terrain types – from bumpy on-the-gas sections through to flat-out rough and worn downhill tracks – to see how much grip they offer and help you find the perfect companion.

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DMR Vault bottom line

The Vault’s design is proving as timeless as DMR’s other pedals, offering great grip and stability.

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While the pedal is virtually faultless in terms of weight and performance, it could be improved further if its platform size was increased to beat or match the competition’s offerings.

Product Specifications


Price br_price, 5, 3, Price, AUD $225.00GBP £120.00USD $164.00
Weight br_weight, 5, 6, Weight, 429g (105(L)x105(W)x19(D)mm) – as tested, Array, g
Brand br_brand, 5, 10, Brand, Dmr bikes


Features br_Features, 11, 0, Features, Body material: CNC Machined Aluminium
Axle material: 4140 CroMo plated
Pins: 22 per pedal (11 per side)