Ergon PC2 pedals review

A neat concept

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3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0
GBP £54.95 RRP | USD $79.95

Our review

Neat concept with tangible benefits for commuting but crazy expensive
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Ergon’s PC2 gives the lowly all-purpose flat pedal a fresh twist literally. The clever shape actually seems to work as promised, with improved biomechanics and foot placement, but few people will be able to get around the exorbitant cost.


The PC2s are certainly unusual, what with their almost comically huge platforms, but there’s logic to the design. That extra surface area lends lots of support when wearing soft-soled footwear, while the concave shaping and raised inner stop naturally keep your foot in a comfortable and efficient position for pedaling without fear of scraping up crankarms or catching a flip-flop in your drivetrain.

The pedal surfaces sport a six-degree cant, too – not unlike Specialized shoes – for a noticeable change in pedaling mechanics as compared to flat-topped pedals. Giant Busch & Müller wraparound reflectors help nighttime visibility, and despite initial skepticism regarding the Igus bushings (instead of proper metal bearings), they spin well, are admirably play-free and have been impressively durable all season thanks to rubber contact seals. They won’t corrode in wet weather, either.

However, those huge bodies add up to a lot of mass despite the composite construction. Our large-sized (Ergon make the PC2 in two sizes depending on your feet) testers aren’t much lighter than decent aluminum-bodied pedals at 507g per pair. In addition, the grip-tape-infused surfaces are a nice idea in theory but they’re not actually all that grippy – traction pins or perhaps molded-in spikes seem like a more effective solution.

Finally, there’s the issue of cost. Clever and genuinely effective design – not to mention unusually good construction quality for a commuting-focused pedal – can’t overcome the exorbitant US$79.97 (£54.95) asking price. The Ergon PC2 pedals are surprisingly good, but they’re not that good. “We’d like to believe it’s a bit more than a plastic commuting pedal,” said Ergon’s US press agent, Albert Yeh.


“The price is a result of the pedal incorporating many custom aspects, all sourced from the best suppliers. Ergon have created the first [flat] pedal specifically for biomechanics of the user in mind.” Yeh mentioned that lower-priced options are coming in the future. At that point, Ergon’s clever pedal should become a much more appealing option.

Product Specifications


Name PC2 Pedal (12)
Brand Ergon

Description Sizes: Small(max.EU42 / UK7.5 / US8.5) Large (min. EU 43 / UK 8 / US 9),
Weight (g) 507