Gusset S2 flat mountain bike pedals

Pro tested flat pedals with plenty of grip

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £80
Gusset S2 flat mountain bike pedals

Our review

Supportive, grippy pedals, without a weight or wallet penalty
Pros: Loads of foot-cupping concavity; excellent grip
Cons: Pin heads are prone to clogging

Following a lengthy development process and heavy testing by slopestyle pro Matt Jones, Gusset is confident it’s got it right with its latest flat pedals, and, for the most part, I reckon it has too.

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The extruded 6061 alloy bodies have the traditional parallelogram side profile and a well-sized 100x100mm platform with angled corners to clear trail obstacles.

While the leading edges are slightly deeper than some, at 16mm, this allows for a generous 2mm of concavity, which gives excellent foot support and feel.

The 10 4mm-long pins studding each side of the platform offer plenty of grip and are removable for replacement/customisation.

They have a unique flanged base, which Gusset says makes them more resistant to ripping out. The disadvantage is that, because they’re accessed from the top, their small Allen heads are sure to get packed with mud, so replacement further down the line may prove troublesome.

Large cut-outs in the platform keep the weight down to 376g a pair, but small cross braces have been added on the inside and outside edges to maintain strength.

It’s still too early in my testing to draw conclusions about durability, but I expect it to be pretty good, with external seals protecting the double DU bushings and cartridge bearings.

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Gusset S2 flat pedals specifications

  • Material: Extruded 6061 alloy body, Chromo Axle
  • Platform: 100x100mm
  • Pins: 10x4mm
  • Weight: 376g (tested)
  • Price: £80 / US$100