Hope F20 pedals review

Durable aluminium flat pedals

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Hope F20 flat pedals

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Not the grippiest or cheapest, but Hope’s pedals are beautifully made and tough as old boots
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While the F20, Hope’s first crack at a flat pedal, might look relatively conventional, it’s proved to be as durable as you’d expect from a company carving their products out of solid billet in the gritty north of England.


Hope f20 flat pedals – first look

Video: Hope F20 flat pedals – first look

The platform is made from 2014 T6 aluminium alloy with heavily chamfered edges that help the pedals glance off rocks rather than catching and stopping you dead with predictably unpleasant consequences. 

The heavily machined-out centre means they’re very resistant to getting clogged with mud and filth, and also means a decently light weight of 400g without having to resort to any fancy or fragile materials. They’re decently wide and reasonably thin, giving good support and ground clearance.

Each side has 10 forged steel pins that thread in from the front but have their Allen key head on the reverse, so that in case you manage to destroy the pin beyond all recognition it will still be a breeze to remove. 

They aren’t overly long at 4mm, though, and are also smooth, meaning they don’t dig themselves into shoes in the same way as the best out there. Titanium and aluminium options are available, but we’ve found the steel pins to be very tough and not a single one has been knocked out despite regular meetings with rocks.

While rival pedals such as the DMR Vault are heavily concave, in order to help your foot ‘sit in’ to the pedal with a feeling of security, the F20s only have the slightest of concave shapes to the platform.

Between that and the pins, it means that if you’re the kind of rider who likes to shift your feet about constantly but not being trapped in one place then you’ll like them, but we did find that with less sticky shoes our foot position shifted on extended, rough descents. The flatter profile does mean that they don’t force your foot into any strange shapes, which does make them more pleasant for longer rides. 

The plated chromoly steel axles have stayed free from corrosion and spin on a trio of cartridge bearings and a self-lubricating, low maintenance Norglide bushing per pedal. 

Thanks to the excellent sealing provided by plenty of rubber O-rings, the bearings are as smooth now as they ever were, without a hint of play. That’s highly impressive considering the battle scarred exterior and months of high mileage in some filthy conditions.


This article was originally published in Mountain Biking UK magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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Name F20 flat pedals (13)
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