Marzocchi steel spring review

Cheap replacement coil

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Marzocchi steel spring

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Sorts out your suspension without emptying your wallet
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With many downhill racers fitting titanium springs to their rear shocks to save weight, you could be forgiven for thinking that the humble steel coil is dead.


But if you can’t justify spending up to £200 to save just a couple of hundred grams and want to get your rear shock properly set up for your body weight, there’s life in the old dog yet.

It’s amazing how many riders stick with the stock spring that comes with their bike, even if it’s wholly inappropriate for them. Run too heavy a spring and you won’t get full travel and won’t be able to run enough sag for your suspension to effectively track terrain. Run too light a spring and you’ll either have to whack on so much preload that you risk damaging your shock or the unit will repeatedly bottom out.

This replacement spring for a Marzocchi Roco costs just £24.95 from the Italian firm’s UK distributors Windwave and weighs in at 580g (1.3lb). It’s available in loads of different lengths to fit different bikes. Marzocchi also do a Ti version, but that’ll set you back a whopping £184.95.


It’s not the most exciting bit of kit, but it’ll get your bike working the way it should for a wallet-friendly price. What more can you ask?

Product Specifications


Name Roco Spring (09)
Brand Marzocchi