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RockShox MegNeg air can review

Increased mid-stroke support and softened travel upgrade for RockShox Deluxe and SuperDeluxe shocks

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £90
RockShox MegNeg air can

Our review

If your bike needs more support in the middle of the travel, this could be a really worthwhile investment
Pros: Improves beginning-stroke sensitivity; significantly increases support soon after sag
Cons: Makes it harder to use full travel, unless you can remove two or more volume spacers; firmer mid-stroke won’t suit every rider and every bike

MegNeg is an air can upgrade that can be fitted to RockShox Deluxe and SuperDeluxe shocks to increase mid-stroke support and soften the early part of the travel.


It works by providing up to 111 percent more negative volume than a standard air can, making the spring softer before and firmer after sag.

While volume spacers only significantly affect the end of the stroke, the MegNeg air can increases the spring force in the middle of the travel. Volume-reducing bands can be fitted to the negative chamber to tone-down its effect.

Fitted to a SuperDeluxe shock on a Pole Machine, I had to add another 20psi to achieve the same sag as with the standard air can. I also removed the two volume spacers I’d been using, because otherwise I couldn’t reach full travel.

The result was a roughly similar amount of bottom-out resistance, but support that came on noticeably earlier in the stroke.

I found the bike wallowed less when climbing or pumping through corners, and had a more settled feel on steep, undulating terrain, although the shock felt slightly firmer over certain types of bumps.

This could be a highly effective upgrade for bikes lacking mid-stroke support, but it will make it harder to use full travel unless you have two or more volume spacers that you can remove.


RockShox MegNeg air can specifications

  • Includes air can, tokens, seals and decals
  • Compatible with Deluxe and Super Deluxe shocks
  • £90 / $90 / AU$140