Fizik Luce S-Alloy women’s saddle review

A high-performance saddle for a reasonable price

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £89.99
Photo of the top and bottom of a black women's bike saddle on a white background

Our review

A highly commended saddle with a non-traditional design that's got loads of innovative features
Pros: Flexible wings allow movement, wide rear platform provides a good perch for a variety of positions
Cons: Long nose and central cut-out may not suit all riders

The Fizik Luce offers a non-traditional design with some innovative features designed to solve some of the issues many women suffer from when riding.


The shape itself is a little different to other saddles: the nose is longer, the rear platform wider and the transition from wings to nose is more sharply angled.

The research that Fizik conducted indicated that many female riders would benefit from a wider rear platform for support in a range of on-bike positions and a narrow nose with a long central cut-out would relieve pressure on soft tissues, as well as being less likely to rub against the upper thighs on either side while riding.

Does it work? The answer is yes – with the caveat that saddle choice is a very personal thing

Finally, that sharp transition is included because Fizik received feedback that some women experience rubbing or chafing on the rear of their upper thighs when pedalling, so this is designed to keep that section of the saddle out of the way.

Another interesting element is the wings themselves, which are constructed from a flexible thermoplastic which allows them to move with the sit-bones without, Fizik claims, losing efficiency.

Does it work? The answer is yes — with the caveat that saddle choice is a very personal thing. The saddle shape provides a comfortable perch for both more upright riding and an aggressive racy position, with the platform at the back providing support as you shift around.

I found that the sharply angled transition from wings to nose was particularly noticeable by the absence of rubbing when on the drops, where I’d usually expect to feel my legs pushing against the saddle.

The Fizik Luce comes in two sizes: regular with a width of 144mm and large with a width of 155mm. This version is constructed with alloy rails, carbon reinforced nylon shell and the aforementioned thermoplastic elastomer wings.

There’s also a carbon version available in both regular and large with a carbon-reinforced shell and carbon rails, available for  £164.99 / €179 / $200.

Fizik Luce saddle details

  • Widths available: Regular, Large
  • Colours: Black
  • Rails: Alloy
  • Weight: 263g (L)
  • £89.99 / €99 / $99 / AU$TBC