Selle Italia Diva Gel Superflow women’s saddle review

A popular women's bike saddle though it won't suit every rider

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £96.99
Image of black-coloured women's saddle with white lettering which says 'diva' on a white background

Our review

Fairly bulky saddle that's popular with many although not always universally liked
Pros: Ample padding, carbon composite shell with titanium rails keeps weight low, long cutout
Cons: Chunky shape and bulbous nose can cause chaffing

While the amply cushioned Selle Italia Diva Gel Superflow saddle is one of the most popular on the market, personally I didn’t get on with it, which emphasises the point that saddles are a very personal choice.


In fact, many female riders rate this saddle very highly, so don’t disregard it based on my score…

Selle Italia has a fit system that takes into account the distance between the rider’s sit bones, the type of riding they prefer (which affects the angle on the saddle) and also hip flexibility. This helps determine the best Selle Italia saddle for the rider, and can be done in-store at Selle Italia retailers.

This saddle has a generous amount of gel padding

In my case, my good hip flexibility and wider sitbones, coupled with the fact my ride preference for this saddle was long distance and long-duration rides, meant the brand suggested the Diva Gel Superflow L saddle.

This saddle has a generous amount of gel padding, which forms a rounded profile, and is constructed from 10 percent carbon composite shell with titanium rails.

It has an inbuilt shock-absorbing system combined with the gel, which is designed to help increase comfort on uneven road surfaces.

As with the majority of women’s saddles, it features a central cutout, which is long and wider towards the rear, tapering towards the nose.

The nose is relatively bulbous and it’s this that caused discomfort for me, along with the wings of the saddle which I found too broad, particularly when riding on the drops.

However, while the cushioning is bulky, it is ample and provides a firm-yet-comfortable perch for the sit bones.


Selle Italia Diva Gel Superflow details

  • Price: £96.99
  • Width: L, S
  • Colour: Black
  • Rails: Titanium
  • Weight: 277g