Selle San Marco Shortfit C Racing saddle review

Truncated racing perch

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £114.00 RRP | AUD $290.00 | USD $170.00
Selle San Marco's Shortfit C Racing saddle

Our review

Ideal for those who want to stay low with more comfort
Buy if, You want to stay low in a fixed seated position with more comfort
Pros: Supportive, pressure-relieving, great in a tuck
Cons: Cutout won’t suit all and isn’t rain-friendly
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San Marco’s Shortfit saddle caters for riders whose seated position doesn’t change much while riding.


This Racing model features San Marco’s waved profile, where the saddle’s top line curves by more than 5mm. Although its claimed width is 144mm, mine measures just over a still wide 140mm, but its 250mm length is short compared to an average saddle’s 275mm or more.

The ‘big hole’ in the saddle is 173mm long and between 12mm at the front and 38mm wide towards the rear. That equates to a large portion of the carbon fibre-reinforced nylon shell’s surface area, and along with the Xsilite rails keeps weight to 205g.

The wedge-like shape means that you immediately find your seating position, and generally, that’s where you stay.

Despite the large hole, the Shortfit has a very rigid shell, relying on its dense Biofoam padding, Microfeel cover and profile for comfort. It’s no more padded than most, and I found the shape supportive, but was also always aware of the open cutout.

Riding longer and harder, I found the Shortfit promoted an aggressive position on the drops, or stretched out with flat arms behind the hoods.

That cutout hugely reduces the pressure felt when rotating your pelvis forwards into a tuck, making it easier to sustain, and the shell width allows you to keep driving hard, but there’s little room for creeping forward.


I’m convinced of the cutout’s purpose in action, and the saddle shape has advantages, but I was also conscious of the hole; I could feel its edges. It didn’t cause discomfort, but took some getting used to, and in the wet you’ll get sprayed in new places.

Product Specifications


Name Shortfit C Racing
Brand Selle San Marco

Length (mm) 275