Specialized Women’s Power Pro with Mimic saddle review

A unisex saddle designed for the comfort of female cyclists

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £184.00 RRP | USD $250.00 | AUD $270.00
Specialized Women’s Power Pro with Mimic saddle

Our review

A good saddle that, unfortunately, doesn’t live up to the hype, especially considering the price tag
Pros: Soft padding and fairly comfortable
Cons: Not as good as the hype suggests
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Specialized’s Power Pro with Mimic saddle has been designed with the specifics of female anatomy in mind, and Specialized has gone to great lengths to find solutions to problems in a bid to create a comfortable and high performing seat.


Even though the saddle has been designed for women and is called a women’s model, Specialized assures us that it’s just as suited to male riders, so I’ve reviewed the Power Expert with Mimic as a unisex saddle.

Laden with features, it’s the unusual shape that you’ll notice first. At only 240mm long, it’s one of the shortest seats we’ve tested in recent times, giving it a very stubby look. It’s available in two width options: 143mm and 155mm.

Specialized Womens Power Pro Mimic
It’s available in two width options: 143mm and 155mm
Georgina Hinton

The saddle’s Mimic technology is a soft area of padding that’s located in the pressure relief channel. The soft padding is matched with a cutout in the saddle’s hull, that, according to Specialized, is perfectly located to relieve pressure on the genitalia.

The Power Pro has a carbon fibre hull that Specialized claims has been tuned with inbuilt flex to help absorb bumps and trail vibrations.

The saddle’s hollow rails are made from a titanium alloy and the seat has SWAT compatible mounts, so you can enjoy the benefits of on-bike storage.

The seat’s padding is made from medium density foam that Specialized calls ‘level II’, which it says strikes a balance between comfort and bike feel.

Specialized Womens Power Pro Mimic
The saddle’s hollow rails are made from a titanium alloy.
Georgina Hinton

Specialized Women’s Power Pro with Mimic saddle performance

The saddle certainly feels like it concentrates pressure through the sit bones rather than through the perineum — almost certainly thanks to its width and the pressure relief channel.

However, the slightly convex shape, created by the saddle’s wings sloping outwards, can cause your sit bones to part especially if you move forwards on the seat on tougher climbs or during prolonged periods in the saddle.

From a male rider’s perspective, I didn’t find the Mimic technology to provide any additional comfort benefits over a more traditionally sized or shaped pressure relief channel. There was still pressure present on the perineum to some degree, but it isn’t as bad as even more convex offerings from some brands.

Specialized Womens Power Pro Mimic
The Power Pro combines a stumpy length and a narrow nose.
Georgina Hinton

To rectify this, Specialized could consider making the saddle’s profile flatter. This would give one size of saddle a greater chance of fitting more bodies because the useful seating area is bigger and would also help to reduce the feeling of your sit bones being parted by the sloped wings.

The stumpy length and narrow nose mean that the side of the saddle doesn’t interfere with pedalling at all.

On the descents, the saddle’s soft edges and overall shape make it very easy to use to help control the bike — there are no hot spots or uncomfortable areas created by the seat coming into contact with your legs, even when you’re using it to violently move the bike around – and notwithstanding the saddle’s stumpy form, it is still easy to use to control the bike.


Despite the claims by Specialized and the hype surrounding its Power saddles with Mimic, I found that it didn’t quite live up to expectations and there are other saddles that perform better for less money.

Product Specifications


Price AUD $270.00GBP £184.00USD $250.00
Weight 227g (143mm)
Brand Specialized


Available widths 143mm, 155mm
Cut-out No
Gender Women's
Length 240mm
Rails Titanium