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SQlab 610 ERGOLUX Active 2.0 saddle review

Unusual design but plenty of comfort on offer

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £120.00 RRP | EUR €130.00
SQlab 610 ERGOLUX Active 2

Our review

A superior level of comfort packaged in an almost no-compromise design
Pros: Excellent comfort levels
Cons: Novel shape takes a bit of time to get used to
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Designed with comfort as the highest priority, the 610 ERGOLUX Active 2.0’s seating surface is larger and softer than the more streamlined ERGOWAVE models in SQlab’s range.


Each part of the saddle’s design has been honed with the aim of helping you ride further with less discomfort. The nose is dropped away in a bid to alleviate pressure on your pubic region, while the two-stepped rear of the saddle is claimed to provide seating comfort and give the sit bones the correct amount of support in the right places.

The raised rear, SQlab claims, helps to improve grip on the saddle, which results in a more efficient pedalling motion and less energy lost by balancing.

SQlab 610 ERGOLUX Active 2.0
It has a very wide 49mm x 172mm pressure relief channel that runs directly under the perineum area.
Georgina Hinton

The saddle’s profile is exceptionally flat and it has a very wide 49 x 172mm pressure relief channel that runs directly under the perineum area.

Even though the saddle’s claimed width is 140mm, I measured it at 154mm – but this doesn’t mean that you should be downsizing your seat. The saddle’s overall length is 269mm.

The rails are made from chromoly and the saddle comes in 130mm, 140mm, 150mm and 160mm widths. The saddle’s padding is called Marathon Foam.

SQlab 610 ERGOLUX Active 2
The rails are made from chromoly.
Georgina Hinton

SQlab 610 ERGOLUX Active 2 saddle performance

Initial impressions confirm the saddle’s width doesn’t negatively interfere with your inner thighs and therefore your ability to pedal when seated. There’s also an overriding feeling of pressure in your sit bones rather than in less desirable areas such as the perineum.

This is a novel feeling if you’re unused to it and the seat’s overall shape does require a much more reward position to get the most from it. The raised shape of the rear helps you sit at the back and stops you slipping too far rearward on very steep climbs.

There’s a temptation, especially if you’re used to traditional saddles, to sit too far forwards, which does negate the benefits of the saddle’s unique shape.

If you can train yourself to sit in the correct spot during climbs then you will reap the benefits, but learning how to sit where you need to sit is quite tough — and you’re basically forced to relearn everything you know about sitting on a saddle.

Perineum pressure is virtually non-existent compared to offerings from other manufacturers, if you can master this new riding position.

SQlab 610 ERGOLUX Active 2
The saddle comes in 130mm, 140mm, 150mm and 160mm widths.
Georgina Hinton

The seat’s ability to absorb bumps doesn’t go unnoticed and the ride is plush without being sloppy. The stack height — how tall it is from rails to the seating surface — is quite low, which is a good thing and helps to keep the saddle out of the way with your saddle fully dropped.

Initially, the saddle’s width was a bit troublesome on the descents, coming into contact with my thighs when I wasn’t expecting it. Although after a few minutes of descending this issue paled into insignificance and, despite its large looks, on the bike its width wasn’t a big issue.


The climbing benefits majorly outweigh the small of inconvenience of getting used to the seat during the initial ride and I can’t recommend this saddle enough.

Product Specifications


Price EUR €130.00GBP £120.00
Weight 256g (140mm)
Brand Sq lab


Available widths 130mm, 140mm, 150mm, 160mm
Cut-out No
Gender Women's
Length 275mm
Rails Steel