OneUp Components V1 dropper post review

Long-travel dropper for those short on frame space

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
USD $169.00
+ $49 lever
Detail One Dropper post on Cannondale Habit. Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire. August 2019.

Our review

Decent long-travel dropper option for those on a budget or with frame constraints, but not the smoothest – I’d opt for the V2 post instead
Pros: Lots of (tunable) drop; super-low stack height; good value
Cons: Lots of stiction in long-travel form; composite lever isn’t the most robust – get the alloy version instead
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OneUp claims its droppers are the shortest available, both in total length and stack height – good news if your frame has an interrupted or tall seat tube, or you want to squeeze in a long drop.


My 170mm-travel sample measured 210mm from the saddle rails to the base of the collar, with another 243mm below that.

There are 150mm and 125mm options too, and a clever tool-free shim system lets you reduce travel by up to 50mm.

It’s easy to fit the post, with the cable being clamped at the lever end. The saddle clamp is a little fiddly, making it doubly important to check the return-spring pressure before attaching the seat.

After breaking the composite remote lever by overtightening it, I replaced it with the V2 alloy lever, which feels good and remains intact after months of use.

OneUp Components V1 dropper post
I replaced the original V1 with the V2 alloy lever.
Steve Behr

The post doesn’t have the smoothest action in 170mm form (even after I greased the upper bushing) and there was some rotational and fore-aft play from new, which I put down to the limited bushing overlap on this longest-travel version.

This hasn’t got any worse over time though, and OneUp appears aware of the issue because it’s increased the overlap on the second-generation post – available now for $40 more – and specced a new DU bushing in the upper collar.


The V2 dropper comes in even longer-travel options and has a slightly shorter stack height, all of which makes it look like a better buy.

Product Specifications


Price USD $169.00
Brand Oneup components


Length 450mm (Test unit measured 453mm)
Travel 170mm