3T Ionic 25 Team Comfort seatpost review

Carbon seatpost with vibration-damping technology

Our rating 
2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5
GBP £108.00 RRP | AUD $235.00 | USD $190.00

Our review

It's a decent enough carbon post, but its added extras do too little to impress
Buy if, Your enjoyment of a product is linked more to the bells and whistles it has than its straight-up performance
Pros: Smooth ride quality, micro-adjustability
Cons: Expensive, slow to adjust, heavy
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The Ionic 25 Team Comfort is a variant on 3T’s standard mid-level carbon seatpost that adds a vibration-damping device to the head. This takes the form of a polymer ring encircling the clamp, which effectively isolates it (and the saddle) from the rest of the bike.


A 350mm long, 27.2mm diameter post weighs 268g, which is nothing special at this price.

The Ionic’s most ingenious feature is also its most frustrating one. The Difflock clamp system uses splined cylinders that sit within one another to give a precise, repeatable saddle angle adjustment.

It’s a nice idea, but means even minor adjustments require a full disassembly of the clamp, and if your saddle has oval rails you’ll need to buy alternative clamps because there isn’t room in the standard ones. If you’re a bit of a fiddler, the novelty will quickly wear thin.

The splined difflock clamp adjustment system is a good idea but we found it frustrating in use:

The splined Difflock clamp adjustment system is a good idea but we found it frustrating in use

We’d never expect a seatpost to transform your ride, but 3T could have done more to impress us. In use, it feels like any other decent carbon post.

It does a competent enough job of soaking up road buzz. It would be stretching things though to describe it as providing anything resembling suspension.


For our money, we’d prefer something a bit lighter or more noticeably compliant.

Product Specifications


Name Ionic 25 Team Comfort
Brand 3T

Material Carbon