BikeYoke Revive 160mm dropper seatpost review

Dropper for a wide range of frame sizes

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Our review

Smooth action and good lever, but needs ‘Reviving’ too often
Buy if, You're after a good dropper that will fit smaller frames
Pros: Low stack height means it’ll work in a wide range of frames; easy to use, ergonomic remote
Cons: Regular use of the Revive Valve required to keep it working properly; bit of a faff to fit
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BikeYoke’s Revive post should be a good fit for most riders (providing your bike has a 30.9 or 31.6mm seat tube), because it offers a full 160mm of stop-anywhere drop, crammed into a compact chassis.


Despite its long stroke, the low-profile collar and head, and short lower shaft, make it ideal for use with small frames and interrupted seat tubes.

The other selling point is that there’s no internal floating piston, which is a common cause of problems on other droppers. If air does manage to bleed into somewhere it shouldn’t and cause the post to bounce, the system can be reset by turning an Allen key bolt — a nifty feature known as the ‘Revive Valve’.

In use, the post is seriously smooth and returns quickly to full height, and my sample still has no play after six months of arduous testing.

I did have to use the Revive Valve far more regularly than I’d expected though — often in the middle of rides, and always after storing the bike upside down. BikeYoke says that some updated internals are on the way to solve this problem.

Fitting the Revive is trickier than with some other cable-operated posts because the cable pinch bolt is at the post end rather than the remote end. The outer cable can also easily become dislodged from the base of the post when adjusting its height in the frame.


The BikeYoke Revive 160mm dropper seatpost is available from TF Tuned in the UK, BTI in the US and GTG Imports in Australia.

Product Specifications


Name Revive 160mm dropper seatpost
Brand BikeYoke

Description Dropper Seatpost