FSA Flowtron dropper seatpost review

Another notch up for FSA

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £280.00 RRP | AUD $468.00 | USD $339.00

Our review

Slightly long and heavy, but a smooth dropper with an adjustable feel and easy-to-hit lever at a fair price
Buy if, You want a reliable well-priced option
Pros: Smooth operation, even on bikes with sticky routing, reasonable price
Cons: Slightly heavier and longer than average
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FSA has learned lessons from its first dropper to deliver decent post performance at a reasonable price. Changes including an alloy internal cartridge (not a steel one) mean the Flowtron is 100g lighter than its predecessor, and within 50g of most competitors. 


Its overall length is shorter too, although, at 470mm for the 150mm-drop sample on test, is still 20mm taller than average. Three round ‘keys’, rather than two flat ones, mean it also has less saddle wobble than before.

Set-up is much less of a faff now that the cable is clamped at the lever end. It feeds over a plastic cam roller to depress the actuator mechanism, giving a really smooth, if slightly spongy, feel at the lever as standard. You can tighten or slacken the roller return spring, depending on personal preference or how sticky your cable run is.

You can’t miss the big, textured thumb tab
Mick Kirkman

The massive 1x remote hangs low under the bar in a potentially knee-knobbling position and you can’t adjust its angle like some, but you won’t miss the big, textured thumb tab. 


You do need to max the barrel adjuster tension out to avoid a really long lever sweep before the post rises lazily up though. The way the cable bolt tightens against the grain of the cable, potentially fraying/loosening it as you tighten, despite the protection washer, is an irritating glitch on an otherwise well-thought-out post.

Product Specifications


Name Flowtron dropper seatpost
Brand FSA

Material Alloy