RSP Plummet Dropper Post review

A surprisingly smooth budget operator, despite the weight

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £115.00 RRP

Our review

Weighty, but it works smoothly and has a decent clamp head. We’d wait for the 125mm drop model though
Buy if, You want a reasonably priced and smooth dropper post, and can't wait for the 125mm drop model
Pros: Smooth, reasonably quick action at bargain price
Cons: Pretty heavy, currently only available with limited travel and external routing, rather cheap looking finish
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While Raleigh might not be the first name you’d turn to when looking for a dropper post, it has managed to do an impressively good job at an equally impressive price for this updated version of the Plummet post.


The rather crude coil sprung guts of the original model have been upgraded with a sealed hydraulic unit that’s impressively smooth throughout the stepless 100mm stroke. Okay, it’s not as slick and refined as the likes of Fox’s Transfer but that’s unsurprising considering the price.

The amount of travel can be a little underwhelming if you’re used to how much freedom 150mm droppers give you, but RSP plans to phase it out in favour of an identically priced 125mm drop model shortly. While the current post only comes with external cable routing, that new model will also offer an internal option.

The RSP Plummet only has 100mm of travel and external routing but it’s a solid budget unit
David Caudery / Immediate Media

As it stands, the rest of the post works well, with a twin bolt micro adjust saddle clamp that has very little setback. It’s easy to use and tweak and it held the saddle securely. The cable remote also terminates inside the head, where the moving parts are hidden from muck via a small rubber cover. The guide hose does mean that getting to the saddle clamp bolt can get a bit fiddly though.

A micro adjust seat clamp keeps your saddle secure and a fixed guide points the external cable in the right direction
David Caudery / Immediate Media

Much like the finishing on the rest of the post, the bar remote definitely isn’t pretty and there’s a fair bit of lateral slop in the lever pivot too. The reasonably large size means it’s easy enough to find in a hurry and a split clamp means fitting or removal is easy. There’s a bendy cable guide and adjuster which allow you to thread it around your controls easily, though it is more prone to flapping about — if such things bother you.

The split clamp remote and flexible guide work well despite looking and feeling cheap, which they are
David Caudery / Immediate Media

At 400mm long, it’s a pretty weighty 723g for the 31.6mm post we tested. It’s also available in a 30.9mm model, but anyone after a 27.2mm model is all out of luck.

Product Specifications


Name Plummet Dropper Post
Brand RSP

Length (mm) 410
Diameters Available 30.9mm 31.6mm