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WTB Raddler TCS Light gravel tyre review

Could this be WTB’s raddest gravel tyre yet?

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £55.00 RRP | USD $77.00 | EUR €66.00 | AUD $97.00
WTB Raddler TCS Light gravel tyre

Our review

A versatile gravel tyre that encourages you to get out there and take spicy lines, no matter the conditions
Pros: True-to-size width; impressive grip over challenging terrain in the wet and dry; good mud performance; puncture resistance; reasonably priced
Cons: Stubborn tubeless setup
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Launched in 2020 as a rowdier alternative to the popular WTB Riddler tyre, the Raddler is a 700c-only gravel tyre.

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It combines closely spaced centreline knobs for efficiency with larger, more aggressive shoulder knobs for optimum cornering grip.

That impressive grip comes without the tyre feeling overly draggy, positioning it among the best gravel tyres.

WTB Raddler TCS Light gravel tyre specifications

The WTB Raddler is the Riddler’s chunkier sibling.
Katherine Moore / Our Media

The Raddler is available in this 40mm width or a slightly chunkier 44mm. The tyre is WTB’s answer for riders who enjoy its Riddler tyre, but are looking for a bit more grip in less favourable conditions, or over more rugged terrain.

The 700c-only tyre is tubeless-compatible and available with the standard casing, with tan or black sidewall options.

Or, you can have it as tested here, with WTB’s SG2 120 TPI casing for extra puncture protection. This comes in black only.

While the Riddler and Raddler share similar siped, chunky shoulder knobs, it’s the size and depth of the centreline and mid-tread that differ between models.

WTB Raddler TCS Light gravel tyre performance

Impressive mud shedding from the WTB Raddler in filthier conditions.
Katherine Moore / Our Media

Surprisingly, setup wasn’t as smooth as anticipated, especially given the tyres were being installed on WTB’s own i23 CZR carbon disc wheels.

The Raddlers took a bit of effort to get onto the rims, which is nothing new.

However, it took no fewer than five attempts with pressurised gas (at up to 150psi / 10.3 bar), plus a lot of pumping, to get the first tyre seated all the way round on both sides.

The second tyre seated first time, a little more easily, though still with a high-pressure shot at 150psi.

Once inflated, the tyres measured 40mm wide, true to size, with a rounded profile.

Heading out onto the road, the Raddlers certainly aren’t as draggy as some more winter-ready gravel tyres.

In fact, during my testing period I frequently used my gravel bike for road riding, and the Raddlers certainly didn’t take the joy out of riding wintry back lanes.

Huge, siped shoulder knobs characterise the Raddler.
Katherine Moore / Our Media

Turning onto a varied selection of rocky byways, muddy bridleways, leaf-strewn tracks and prime gravel cycleways gave me the opportunity to really test the Raddlers’ off-road credentials. Are they really as ‘rad’ as WTB suggests?

In short, yes. I honestly struggled to find the limits of the Raddlers, throwing everything at them, from rocks and roots to snow and ice.

They offered decent grip over rockier, steeper and more uneven terrain, and only (unsurprisingly) lost traction over sheet ice.

Though more deeply treaded than the tyre’s summer equivalent, the Riddler, the knobs of the Raddler aren’t as large or aggressive as some pure four-season or winter gravel tyres.

This didn’t stop the tyres biting into muddier surfaces though, getting me through rutted bridleways without a single wheelspin.

WTB’s SG2 puncture protection performed well, with no punctures or other issues.

This matches the experience I’ve had from using other WTB tyres such as the Riddler and Byway, which come kitted out with the extra bead-to-bead nylon reinforcement.

WTB Raddler TCS Light gravel tyre bottom line

Smaller tread blocks are more tightly spaced towards the centre of the tyre.
Katherine Moore / Our Media

The WTB Raddler TCS Light produces smooth sailing on the road and incredibly capable performance when taking to the rough stuff in almost every condition.

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The Raddler has to be up there with the most versatile gravel tyres that’ll take you through the winter and beyond – once you get past the tricky setup, that is.

Product Specifications


Price br_price, 5, 3, Price, AUD $97.00EUR €66.00GBP £55.00USD $77.00
Weight br_weight, 5, 6, Weight, 537g (700c, 40mm) – 522 - claimed, Array, g
Brand br_brand, 5, 10, Brand, Wtb


Features br_Features, 11, 0, Features, Tubeless ready
Suitable for inner rim widths 19-24mm
Light/Fast Rolling casing and compound
TPI br_TPI, 11, 0, TPI, 120
Puncture protection br_punctureProtection, 11, 0, Puncture protection, SG2 puncture protection
Sizes br_tyreSizes, 11, 0, Sizes, 700c x 40mm; 700c x 44mm