Hutchinson Piranha Air Light Tyre review

Quick-rolling rubber

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £30.00 RRP | USD $50.00
Hutchinson Piranha Air Light

Our review

Floaty balloon tyre feel, but balloon-like braking/direction control, too
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Flat-out fast with a lovely smooth feel, the Piranha Air Light is a tad expensive and offers very little grip cornering or in the wet.


Popular on complete ready-to-race bikes, the Piranha Air Light certainly feels fast on Tarmac or grass. It’s got a lovely fluid, ‘floaty’ feel too. 

Unfortunately, that flat centre and minimal edge tread means not even a ghost of grip in wet or hard braking/cornering situations, so it’s best saved for the back tyre if anywhere.


Having said that, you’ll love it if you love a really supple tyre and don’t corner aggressively.

Product Specifications


Name Piranha Air Light
Brand Hutchinson

Wheel Type Dirt
Tyre Tread Knobbly
Bead Steel
Tyre Width Sizes Available 2.0 2.3 In
Weight (g) 480
Additional Features The Air Light’s full carcass size
Colour Black