Hutchinson Toro Enduro Hardskin 2.35in tyre review

Quick rolling trail rubber

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £42.99 RRP | USD $73.95
Hutchinson Toro Enduro Hardskin 2.35in tyre

Our review

Expensive, but a light, tough, smoothly predictable all-rounder
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Hutchinson have always made smooth, supple riding tyres but it’s taken the Toro to add a tread that fulfils their potential for year-round riding.


Grip isn’t outstanding, but it’s predictable and communicative right through to a controllable slide. It’s closer to a 2.2in than a true 2.35in when blown up, but it’s still a buoyant and pliable-feeling tyre.

The hard skin sidewalls shrug off rock damage well too so you can plough through gruesome geology rather than picking your way on tiptoes. Tread life is good without feeling plasticky or slippery on rocks or roots.


It also rolls and clears quickly whatever the conditions. The lighter Marathon XC and tubeless-ready versions are also available, although their prices have increased since last year.

Product Specifications


Name Toro Enduro Hardskin 2.35in (10)
Brand Hutchinson

Description OPTIONS: MARATHON XC 1.8 (£36.99), 2.1IN (£38.99), TUBELESS-READY (£44.99)
Weight (g) 664
Bead Folding
Threads Per Inch 66
Tyre Width Sizes Available 2.35 In