Panaracer Fire XC Pro 1.8in review

Speedy and surprisingly tough deep cutting skinny grip

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
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Our review

Speedy and surprisingly tough deep cutting skinny grip
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The skinniest version of Panaracer’s well-loved all rounder is a great example of how good a sludge-cutter can be for racing.


Small, sharp edged, square centre blocks bite impressively well once the skinny carcass has sunk into soft ground. They clear super-quick too, so you’ll be one of the last to clog, however bad the course gets.

You could say that about most skinny tyres though, so the Fire XC has a few more tricks up its sleeve which make it worth special mention. Firstly, full-size ‘ZSG’ softer compound side wings give the Fire much more leaning/off-camber clamber grip than most miniature rubber too.

The ASB reinforced sidewall really does shrug off pinch ?ats better than normal tyres too so you’ll survive clattering through sharp stuff better. In other words while skinnies always take some getting used to, you can ride this a lot less nervously than most.


Panaracer do an even more toothier ‘Fire Mud’ 1.8in tyre, which is even better in runny mess but for mixed speed we would still stick with this one.

Product Specifications


Name Fire Mud Pro 1.8 Kevlar Tyre
Brand Panaracer

Wheel Type Mud
Tyre Tread Knobbly
Bead Kevlar
Additional Features self-clearing tread pattern for continual grip
Tyre Measured Width 1.8
Threads Per Inch 126
Max PSI 55
Colour Black/Red