Spank Oozy Trail 395+ Bead Bite Boost review

Ultra-wide wheelset with a boost

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0
GBP £490.00 RRP | USD $649.00
The Spank Oozy Trail 395+ Bead Bite Boost

Our review

Bombproof, super secure wheelset but tyre fit is a fight and ride feel is punishing
Buy if, You want a properly bomber wheelset for your plus bike
Pros: Super stiff rim and tight tubeless seat for maximum cornering loads
Cons: Awkward tyre fit and harsh ride feel for plus
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I’m a big fan of Spank’s resolutely bombproof, bulged-rim Oozy Trail 27.5 and 29ers but these wide wheels might actually be too stiff and solid for some.


The 395+ rim has Spank’s usual ‘Oohbah’ centreline strengthening bulge and Bead Bite tyre-gripping inner sidewalls. They also come fully taped and valved ready to be turned tubeless with just a slop of sealant, though the tight sizing and centre bulge make tyre fitting and removal a fight.

It took more sealant than most of the other wheels we had on test to get them to hold consistent pressure too. But even when they were running barely double figure pressures, the reinforced rim and 32 straight-pull, triple-butted, single-length spokes are shockingly stiff. They started numbing our hands within a few minutes on rocky descents and we had to retune low speed compression on our suspension to offset the clatter.

Actual tyre security is unshakeable though and while they’re not light, inline drive is impressive and they’re very accurate on smooth trails. We had no issues with denting or spoke tension either and Spank durability is proven too.

  • Weight: 1010 + 1080 = 2090g
  • Width: 35/39mm
  • Pick up: 12 degrees

Product Specifications


Name Oozy Trail 395+ Bead Bite Boost
Brand Spank

Weight (g) 2090